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MusicbyFlups's News

Posted by MusicbyFlups - October 27th, 2021


I'm sorry for dissapearing for a few months. I've been dealing with a lot this year and I had lost all motivation and inspiration for a long time. Now i'm kinda getting back into all of it again and I am going to try to be more active on here with this community, even if I have nothing to post.

OSSS / planet series is still going on + i'm hoping to finish a few original tunes soon.

Thank you all for your patience!

- flups

p.s., two complete remakes of older songs dropping tomorrow :)


Posted by MusicbyFlups - January 31st, 2021

Hi all!

I guess I haven't really introduced myself yet, but I call myself Flups. I'm from the Netherlands (so sorry for bad English maybe) and I mostly create fun electronic music! I've been making music since I was younger but I've only recently began sharing it and putting myself out there!

The things I am making now are mostly recreations and realized versions of songs I created a few years ago that I never uploaded, which are mostly bouncy house songs and other electronic beats. I also started a series in which I am making a beat inspired by every planet in our solar system. I originally stopped with this project but because of all the love i'm getting here i've gotten motivation to finish this project, so more planets are coming soon! (maybe even later today...)

I also wanted to thank you all for listening to me and giving feedback and support! I've always had trouble putting myself out there and I didn't start uploading my songs until a few months ago. Seeing you on newgrounds giving me love and support really makes it al worth it and all 21 of you have given me more motivation to create! Im grateful for everything!

See you soon :D

- Flups